Causes of Mold in a Home or Business

There are many causes of mold in a home, and chances are good that you have run into at least one of them. Mold can feed on any kind of organic matter, including drywall, plant matter, wood, trash, bedclothes, and clothing. Add in some moisture and maybe a lack of light, and you have set the stage for a mold infestation in your home.

Anyone who lives in a very humid or damp area understands that moisture causes mold in a home. Mold can sprout in an astonishingly quick manner in these conditions, such as if rain has occurred a few days in a row, or humidity is high and a home is not well ventilated. You may be most likely to find mold in the areas of a home that are susceptible to moisture, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms.

If a bathroom is not well ventilated, it is likely to have mold in between the tiles, in the cupboards, around the windows, and in many other places. Laundry rooms can have the same problem, especially if you dry clothes on a line or a rack inside. Wet clothes left in the washing machine can also grow mold, so make sure to dry them immediately. It can help to use a fan, open the windows, or otherwise increase ventilation. If this doesn’t work, a dehumidifier might be in order.

Water damage is a major precursor to mold, so watch out for leaky pipes and appliances. A constant leaky pipe may cause mold in a home, even hidden mold. Flooding can also cause significant mold and rot on carpets, in floorboards, and in other areas. After a flood or after discovering any type of water leak, it is a good idea to call in a professional to assess the mold damage in a home.

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