Happy Friday Ladies and Gents

It is a gorgeous Friday afternoon, beautiful weather and smiles everywhere. Unlike mold, people are loving the weather. It’s a great day to go out with your family, as well as it is an awesome day to give Montgomery Sansome a call if you have found mildew in your home. We have been house restoration saviors for over four decades, there is no other name in mold removal that is more reliable than Montgomery Sansome.

I was driving by Menlo park on my way to work today, and saw  a cloud of smoke rising from the park. Not sure whether it was a trash can on fire or if it was the house behind the park, but one thing is for certain – humidity is low and with continuously increasing temperatures there is a high risk of wildfires in such conditions. If a fire has affected your home, Montgomery Sansome is the company to contact. We have been restoring homes from fire and water damage for over forty five years, and are still the most reliable and helpful group of people in the Bay Area.

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