Minor Water Damage Does Not Mean No Damage

This home experienced minor water damage during hurricane Catrina, and wasn’t treated properly afterwards, which turned it into a delicious lunch for mold spores. Mold loves damp, wet environments especially wet plywood, drywall, furring strips, carpets and carpet padding. In just a few weeks the walls, ceiling and floor was being devoured by mold. Damage that could be restored for a few thousands dollars turned into tens of thousands of property damage. This is a great example of how problems that are not dealt with in a timely manner turn into much bigger headaches later on. If you have found a small mold spot in your home, get an inspection asap, because that tiny little mold spot can spread rapidly given the right conditions. We offer free mold consultations by calling (800)576-3313 or you can fill out this form to get an inspection and a price estimate for the job to come.

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