Mold Abatement in the Peninsula

A lady that I saw today expressed her deep concern about how low is the the amount of people that are aware of the harmful effects of mold, so I felt the need to write about it. Mold is truly a silent killer. We have all seen mold outside, even in our bathrooms sometimes – if its not maintained, kept clean, but we don’t have much knowledge about what it is capable of. Mold doesn’t grow everywhere, matter of fact it requires a moist or damp environment to flourish, which means that all of us who keep our homes clean and dry have very little chance of contracting such a parasite. Ignorance might be bliss, until it hits you upside the head and you are knee deep in mold in your own home; until you begin contracting skin rashes or having trouble breathing. At that point most people are pretty much ready to do anything, make any sort of lifestyle change to get rid of this disease. Although many people continue living along side it, sometimes not having any idea why they are sick, why their own cells seems to be attacking themselves. (For more info on symptoms of mold check out this article). Our own bodies turning against itself, or so it seems. There have been cases where people would live with mold in their home for five, even ten years, having all kind of side effects from rashes to chronic asthma, even cancer. Some never find out what it is that is hurting them until it is too late. Don’t be bold, abate your mold.

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