Mold Services in Acalanes Ridge, CA

Acalanes Ridge is a small, affluent area, but its relative solitude doesn’t protect it from mold and mildew infestations. The moderate climate and wet winters of the bay area invite fungi into your home without your consent. Our company has protected homes and families for over 45 years, with expert inspection and mold abatement services performed by in-house trained and certified technicians.

It’s impossible to prevent mold spores from entering your home- there are already enough in your house to tear it to pieces if given enough time and water. They blow in invisibly over the years and hide away from the vacuum in cracks and crevices. Water can enter your home unnoticed as well, and once inside it collects and the floor and spreads out, gathering mold spores as it goes. It flows until it finds an area where poor ventilation prevents it from properly evaporating, instead stagnating and creating the stuffy atmosphere mold thrives in. In a short while a colony will form and begin devouring your home from the inside out. Our inspection, competitively priced at $349, will find and diagnose these problem area in your home.

The inspection also includes lab testing of field samples to identify which species are present and their concentrations. With over a hundred thousand known species of fungi, this is a useful tool for finding exotic types of mold. But the species present also plays a role in your health. Any type of fungi can cause an allergic reaction, but many also produce poisonous mycotoxins. These toxins saturate the tissues and spores of the fungus, and when inhaled over months or years they can cause a wide range of health problems. Your skin, lungs, eyes, heart and brain are all at risk. Some species are even carcinogenic.

Once the situation in your home has been fully assessed, we’ll provide you with a free estimate for remediation and abatement services customized to fit your needs. Montgomery Sansome has been protecting homes and families throughout the bay area for nearly half a century, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and thousands of satisfied customers behind us.

Montgomery Sansome Certifications

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