Mold Services in Alamo, CA

Alamo is well-known and admired for its beauty but the mild climate there is very accommodating for plants, people, and mold. Our company has been protecting bay area families from mold infestations for over 45 years, with top-notch mold inspection and mold abatement services provided by in-house trained and certified experts.

Priced to please at $349, our inspection is impressively comprehensive. It includes a walkthrough of problem areas, lab testing of samples from your home, and a free estimate designed around your specific problem. We will fully assess the situation before the estimate, because even one mold spore left behind can nullify any efforts to clean your home.

Problem areas in your home can be caused by any number of things- older homes especially are at risk from water seepage and the structure ages and floors warp, creating shallow depressions for water to collect and pool in. Mold needs water to grow, but it can wait out dry spells for years in the dark corners of your home until the conditions are just right. Poor airflow is another problem and can be caused by unexpected things, like a pile of laundry or even a couch too close to a wall. Mold only needs the tiniest foothold to establish itself, and once it begins growing it’s only a matter of time until it develops into a costly problem.

Mold destroys everything it grows on, even sheetrock, unless it is properly handled. More alarming than property damage are the health risks posed by fungal invasions. Any type of fungus can cause allergic reactions and infections, but many species produce poisonous mycotoxins as well. These toxins saturate the airborne spores and, when inhaled over a long time, can severely impact your health. Heart problems, chronic asthma, mysterious skin rashes, even cancer and mental disorders are all caused by poisonous mold spores.

Montgomery Sansome has been battling the forces of fungus for nearly half a century and has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We want to protect your and your family from infestation, and with the absolute best remediation and abatement services, you can trust us to deliver.

Montgomery Sansome Certifications

Better Business Bureau A+ Rated

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