Mold Services in American Canyon, CA

American Canyon is full of green belts and water sources which are quite beautiful. But these wild spaces harbor mold and mildew, and the moderate climate offers them a comfortable environment to reproduce. Our company offers mold inspection services than include lab testing of samples taken from your home, and remediation services that have been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

The dangers from mold are twofold. The most obvious hazard is damage to your property. Fungi, if left untreated, will eventually destroy everything and anything it grows on. Wood-frame houses and older homes are particularly at risk, as organic compounds are the easiest thing for fungi to digest. The tiniest bit of moisture is all it takes for a colony to develop, and one spore can hide out for years in the nook sand crannies of your home waiting for the right conditions. Our mold inspection, performed by in-house trained and certified experts, will diagnose problem areas in and around your home, from areas with water seepage to places with poor ventilation. You might be surprised at the seemingly barren places mold can live in. Even a pile of laundry or a couch too close to a wall can provide a very comfortable home.

The second danger presented by fungi is damage to your health. Any type of mold can cause allergic reactions and infections, but many species produce poisonous mycotoxins as well. These toxins saturate the tissues of the mold, including the airborne spores. When inhaled over a long period of time (say, during years of living in an infested home), mycotoxins can pose severe health risks, including heart problems, bronchitis, chronic asthma and even cancer. The elderly and young children are vulnerable to neurological disorders. It’s important to know just what species of mold you’re fighting against. That’s why our technicians will collect samples from your home to identify the species present and the concentrations of each.

The inspection service is competitively priced at $349. Once the situation in your household has been assessed, we’ll offer you a free estimate for remediation and abatement services customized to fix your specific problem. Mongtomery Sansome has been protecting bay area residents from mold for nearly half a century. Let us take care of you.

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