Mold Services in Belmont, CA

Belmont MoldBelmont is a friendly suburban city that takes pride in its close community; it is one of many cities that Montgomery Sansome has helped to make a better place through our mold removal services. We’re a family owned construction company that has had the pleasure of serving Belmont and surrounding cities for over 45 years.

An issue that remains dangerous to the health of families on the Peninsula has been the infestation of mold. Mold is a fungus that often goes unnoticed in homes, grows, and produces spores. Spores are tiny airborne toxins that are breathed into the lungs be adults and children living in the infested area. This mold all too often does not induce symptoms in the infected person until it is too late and the fungus has done substantial damage.

Exposure to mold can cause various health problems such as bronchitis, heart problems and learning disabilities. It is especially dangerous to babies and young children living in the home. Mold also affects places of business as well as residencies. Our remediation company specializes in identifying the mold species, detaining it from spreading, and eliminating it completely from your home or place of business.

Our professionally trained staff and technology come together to make the perfect army against mold everywhere! Len Nordeman, the founder of Montgomery Sansome and a family man, is a certified Mold Abatement instructor who personally teaches his course to every staff member to ensure a complete understanding of the effects, causes, and weaknesses of mold. The technicians we use for mold remediation jobs are in-house trained, efficient, fast, and most importantly considerate of the fact that they are working with this dangerous specimen in your home or place of business.

With years of experience under the belt of this loyal and efficient company you can’t go wrong if you contact us. We are there with you the whole way!

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