Mold Services in Benicia, CA

Benicia is full of beautiful homes, but many of the houses there are susceptible to mold, especially the older homes on the east and west sides. Older homes can develop invisible imperfections; too small for you to notice, but big enough for water and mold to creep in. Our mold removal company offers a comprehensive mold inspection, including field samples and lab testing of the air in your home and a diagnosis of problem areas.

The environment of Benicia provides a sturdy platform for mold colonies to form- moderate temperature that never drops below freezing, nearby water sources year-round, and strong winds that carry spores, which can cause allergic reactions, fungal infections, and even poisoning. Mycotoxins in mold spores can cause serious health issues, from heart problems, bronchitis and asthma to neurological disorders that can cause learning disabilities in young children. The elderly are also particularly at risk for health problems related to mold. If the mold situation is not dealt with, it can cause permanent health problems. A few types of mold are even carcinogenic.

Mold spores can hide out in the hidden places in your home, surviving through dry spells and and extreme temperatures, waiting for the right conditions to begin forming a colony. A colony can cause expensive damage to the structure of your home, especially on wood and drywall, and the littlest bit of fungi left behind can reform a colony in a short time. That’s why our certified and in-house trained experts will scour your home for mold and leave nothing behind.

We offer a $349 mold inspection, with expert identification of problem areas for moisture and airflow in your home, lab testing to identify the specific species of mold that is invading your home and the concentration of it in your home’s air, and a free estimate for remediation and mold abatement services that meet your needs – see a sample of the mold report here. Montgomery Sansome has been treating mold problems in the bay area for over 45 years. Trust our experience.

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