Mold Services in Berkeley, CA

Berkeley has gorgeous weather- it normally stays between 40 and 70 degrees. Unfortunately, mold loves to live in moderate temperatures as well. If you think your home has a mold problem, we offer an extremely thorough inspection service, including lab testing of air samples from your home.

With older structures scattered throughout the area, many homes are at risk for a mold infestation. A mold problem could go unnoticed for decades- hidden behind a wall, under a basement sink, or even behind the couch- and could be causing serious health problems the whole time. Besides allergic reactions and fungal infections, many types of mold produce a type of poison known as mycotoxin. Mycotoxins can cause a very wide range of health issues, from respiratory and circulatory problems to dementia in the elderly and learning disabilities in young children. A few types of fungi are even carcinogenic, and there are thousands upon thousands of known species. You might be staring right at a colony and not even know it. But we will.

We offer inspection and testing services at the competitive rate of $349. Our in-house trained and certified experts will come to your home, identify problem areas for moisture and poor airflow, and take field samples to the lab to determine the species and concentration of the spores in your home’s air. Once we assess the situation, we’ll provide you with a free estimate outlining the ideal solution for your particular mold abatement project.

Mold spores can live for years in most conditions, surviving through any methods of cleaning other than professional, purposeful mold remediation and abatement. Even one spore left behind can regrow into an entire colony. That’s why we won’t leave a single spore. Many of our customers have us come in for inspections and are so pleased with our expertise and professional attitude they have us provide abatement services as well. Montgomery Sansome’s 45 years of experience is enough to handle any mold problem. We are true experts in mold remediation.

Montgomery Sansome Certifications

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