Mold Services in Bethel Island, CA

Bethel Island isn’t secluded enough to protect it from mold invasions. In fact, being surrounded by all that water makes it more vulnerable to mold and mildew. Our company has offered mold inspection and mold abatement services throughout the bay area for over 45 years, with in-house trained and certified experts providing truly expert care.

Water is the main culprit behind a mold infestation, acting as both fuel and transportation for mold spores. Spores blow into your home over the years and hide away behind baseboards and in cracks, waiting to get picked up. Unwanted moisture can enter your home in any number of ways, and once inside it spreads across the floor, collecting mold spores as it goes. It flows until it finds an area where poor ventilation prevents it from evaporating properly, allowing it instead to stand and stagnate, fomenting the stuffy atmosphere mold thrives in. Our inspection, competitively priced at $349, includes a diagnosis of problem areas in your home related to dust, water and airflow.

The inspection also includes laboratory analysis of field samples collected from your home. The tests will identify which species of fungi are present in your household and their concentrations. This is an important tool for remediation, as it can be hard to distinguish from among the over 100,000 known species of fungi.

The true danger of mold, even more than property damage, is the risk posed to your health. Any species of fungi can cause an allergic reaction, but many also produce poisonous mycotoxins. These toxins saturate the tissues and spores of the fungus, and when inhaled over a prolonged period of time- such as years spent living in an infested home- can cause a wide range of health problems, damaging your heart, lungs, eyes and brain, to name a few. Some species are even carcinogenic.

Once the problem areas and the types of mold in your home have been assessed, we’ll provide you with a free estimate for remediation and abatement services customized to fit your needs. Montgomery Sansome has been protecting homes and families throughout the bay area for nearly half a century, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau behind us. Let our experts care for your home like it was their own.

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