Mold Services in Black Point-Green Point, CA

Residents of Black Point-Green Point should keep an eye out for black spots and green spots, as mold and mildew find the wet winters and moderate temperatures quite inviting. Our company offers mold inspection and remediation services throughout the bay area, with nearly 5 decades of satisfied customers and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau behind us.

The temperatures in the bay area never stray far from the 40-80 degree range, which is perfect for mold. A little water is all it takes for a colony to start growing inside the walls of your home. Our inspection service is competitively priced at $349 and begins with a diagnosis of problem areas in your home. These can be areas where mold spores blow in from outside and hide away from the vacuum, spots where unwanted moisture enters the home, and places where inadequate airflow prevents the water from evaporating properly. Even a temporary water source can carry mold spores into a stuffy area, and once the humidity level in the gap begins to rise it’s only a matter of time before a colony forms.

If not properly treated, mold will eventually destroy everything it grows on, from wood to sheetrock. Property damage can quickly enter the thousands. But even more alarming than property damage is the threat fungi pose to your health. Any species of fungi can cause an allergic reaction, but many also produce poisonous mycotoxins. These toxins saturate the tissues and spores of the fungus, and when inhaled over a prolonged period of time- such as during months or years spent living in an infested home- can cause a wide range of health problems, affecting everything from your eyes and skin to your heart, lungs and brain. Some species are even carcinogenic. Our inspection includes lab testing of samples from your home to identify which species are present so they can be dealt with properly.

Once the situation in your home has been fully assessed, we’ll provide you with a free estimate for remediation and mold abatement services customized to fit your needs. Montgomery Sansome has been protecting homes and families throughout the bay area for over 45 years. Trust us to protect yours.

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