Mold Services in Castro Valley, CA

Castro Valley, with dozens of creeks and Lake Chabot to the north, is a beautiful place to live – for humans and mold. If you think you may have a problem, we offer a full mold inspection, with a lab report detailing the concentrations and specific species of fungi present, and a free estimate for remediation and mold abatement services.

The temperature is ideal for mold in Castro Valley all year round, and with all the local water sources in the area, the moisture content is perfectly suitable for mold as well. A valley environment can be hard on a home. Water in a valley stays around longer, and it can seep in through invisible cracks and gather in hard-to-reach areas. A colony could persist for years without being discovered, growing larger every day, adding more and more spores to your home’s environment.

The problem with mold, besides damage to your home, is the spores. Prolonged exposure to toxic spores (such as living in a home full of them) can cause respiratory problems, heart problems, and even neurological problems such as learning disabilities in young children. Mold spores are very tenacious, surviving extreme temperatures and hiding out in your home for years until the conditions are just right to form a colony, and a colony produces millions of spores. That’s why our experts won’t leave any mold behind.

Even a tiny leak could provide more than enough water for a mold colony to live off of, and poor airflow can give mold the time it needs to get out of control. We do a full inspection for the competitive price of $349, which includes field samples, lab testing, and a diagnosis of problems areas for moisture and ventilation – see a sample of the mold inspection report here.. With over 45 years of experience, Montgomery Sansome can handle any mold infestation. We offer top-notch remediation and abatement for your specific situation, with our in-house trained and certified experts.

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