Mold Services in Contra Costa County, CA

Contra Costa County is home to a great deal of the bay area’s wetlands, as well as such cities as Danville, Concord and Antioch. The wet conditions and generally moderate temperatures create an ideal opportunity for mold to start a family of its own inside your home. Our company offers inspections and complete mold abatement services throughout the bay area and has done so for over 45 years.

There are over a hundred thousand known species of fungi, with more being discovered all the time, so you may not even recognize mold when you find it. That’s why our mold inspection includes laboratory analysis of field samples from your home to identify the exact species of mold present in your household and the concentrations of each.

Mold needs water to grow, but a single spore can hide away in your house for years, waiting for water to seep in through invisible faults in the structure. Once it finds the tiniest amount of water, a spore can develop into a full-blown colony in a matter of days. That’s why our remediation and abatement services are provided by top-notch, in-house trained and certified remediation technicians who will scour your household for every bit of mold. One spore left behind can quickly restart the whole mess.

Mold, if not properly taken care of, will eventually destroy anything and everything it grows on. Wood-frame houses, drywall, even furniture pushed too close to the wall can provide a very comfortable home for all sorts of fungi. Our inspection also includes a diagnosis of problem areas in your home: places where moisture enters, where it collects and pools, and areas with poor airflow. The interior of many a wall has been ruined by mold. But besides property damage, mold presents a much more alarming risk: it can severely impact your health.

Any type of mold can cause an allergic reaction, but many produce poisonous mycotoxins as well. These mycotoxins cause a wide range of health problems, from lung diseases, heart problems, even learning disabilities in young children. Montgomery Sansome has been protecting bay area residents from mold for over 45 years and has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Let our experience solve your fungal dilemma.

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