Mold Services in Hayward, CA

Hayward is a heaven for beautiful, expensive homes as well as some poor neighborhoods. Although, mold doesn’t discriminate. Our company offers a complete mold inspection, with a lab report identifying the species and concentrations of the mold.

The wet winter months and cool temperatures can create a perfect growing environment for mold spores. Many of the homes in Hayward are authentic and are approaching their old age of up to 70 years – this adds to the chances of finding mold in your home as moisture creeps in over the decades and spores blow in from the outside. Our fully trained and certified employees will find and diagnose sources of moist areas with poor ventilation, and recommend the most effective solution for your particular situation. The air is full of spores, and a single one can last for years until the right conditions form – then it can explode into a colony in a few days. When the amount of spores in the air gets high, things get dangerous.

The spores are tiny enough to get into your lungs, where they can cause a wide range of health problems including bronchitis, chronic asthma, and even learning disabilities in infants and children, so it’s important to remove all the mold from your home the first time, or it could easily come back. There are thousands upon thousand of species of fungi that can infest your home, some you might not even recognize as mold, which are hidden in places you would never think of. But our experts will.

For 45 years, Montgomery Sansome has offered top-rate testing, inspections and remediation for mold infestations in the Bay area. With our competitive rate of $349 for a full inspection- including field samples, lab testing, a diagnosis of problem areas in your home, and a free estimate for custom remediation and mold abatement, you don’t need to panic when you find mold in your home.

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