Mold Services in Marin City, CA

Marin City contains many older homes, one of the many risk factors for mold infestations. The moderate climate and abundant local water of the bay area allow fungi to reproduce all year long. Our company has offered mold inspection and remediation services throughout the bay area for over 45 years, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau behind us.

The friend of my enemy is my enemy, and water and mold are like peas in a pod. Mold needs water to grow, and once the colony gets big enough it starts retaining water itself, causing the problem to grow exponentially. If not properly treated, mold will eventually destroy everything it grows on from wood to sheetrock. Water can enter your home unwanted and unnoticed in a surprising number of ways, where it collects on the floor and trickles around the lowest, dirtiest places, picking up spores as it goes. It spreads until it finds and area where poor airflow prevents it from drying up, then stands and humidifies the space into the dank, stuffy atmosphere mold thrives in.

Our inspection, priced at $349, begins with a walkthrough to find and diagnose any areas in your home that foster mold growth. But more alarming than property damage is the damage mold can cause to your major organs like the heart and lungs. Many species of mold produce poisonous mycotoxins, and when the spores are released they saturate the air in your home with toxic dust. Allergic reactions often irritate the eyes and skin, but inhaling the dust for months or years can cause bronchitis, circulatory system stress, chronic asthma, and even cancer. Young children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to neurological disorders.

Once the invasion in your home has been fully assessed, we’ll provide you with a free estimate for remediation and abatement services customized to fit your needs- not a stock procedure. Montgomery Sansome has been protecting homes and families throughout the bay area for nearly half a century. Trust our experience.

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