Mold Services in Palo Alto, CA

Palo Alto, other than being an area where we offer mold remediation services, is known for being the home of Stanford University as well as several other high-technology companies like Google and PayPal. People all over the Bay Area go to this city to look at their dream like houses, unknowing they may harbor secretive mold. What people forget to remember is just because they have dream like homes in these cities does not mean that these homes are indestructible. This is where toxic mold comes into their homes and has the potential to destruct their quality of materials in their home.
Just because a home may be believed to be in prestigious condition does not mean that toxic mold doesn’t have a chance to be a hindrance. Black toxic mold can be found not only in common places like walls and basements but also ductwork of air heating systems where black toxic mold has the opportunity to spread like wild fire throughout your home. This is where a specialist should come in and conduct an on-site mold inspection to check your home in Palo Alto for potential toxic mold. If toxic mold is found in your home it is recommended that you also have a professional handle your mold abatement.
For the minimal rate of $349 you can have an on-site mold inspection (see sample mold inspection report here) done by a specialist in your Palo Alto home. After an in-depth search of your home or business if toxic mold is found, we can also conduct your mold remediation promptly. Have our professionals handle your mold remediation as well that way you can rest easy knowing that you are in the right hands because we believe in keeping your families safe, informed and protected. To have a specialist answer your questions or concerns regarding your toxic mold situation feel free to give us a call today.

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