Mold Services in Pleasanton, CA

Pleasanton, which was rated #63 best place to live in the US, keeps a calm atmosphere and local water sources make it an excellent place for mold to live as well, however. Our company has offered mold inspection and remediation services throughout the bay area for nearly 45 years, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau behind us.

Mold causes a long list of problems. Most obvious is damage to your property. If not properly treated, mold will eventually destroy everything it grows on, from wood to drywall to sheetrock. Property damage can quickly climb into the tens of thousands. Our inspection service, competitively priced at $349, will find trouble spots in your home related to mold and mildew. These can be areas where dust enters your house and hides, spots where moisture seeps through the wall or finds some other way to enter your home, and areas where poor ventilation creates the stuffy, stagnant atmosphere in which mold thrives in.

More alarming than property damage is damage to your health. Any species of fungi can cause an allergic reaction, but many also produce poisonous mycotoxins. These toxins saturate the tissues and spores of the fungus, and when inhaled over a long period of time- such as years spent living in an infested home- can cause a wide range of health problems. Heart damage, skin rashes, chronic asthma, bronchitis, even cancer can all be caused by mold spores. The elderly and very young are particularly at risk for neurological disorders like dementia and learning disabilities.

With over a hundred thousand known species of mold, it can be hard to even identify it. That’s why our inspection includes the collection of samples for laboratory testing. The tests will determine the species and concentrations present in your home, an important factor in the mold abatement process. The final part of our inspection is a free estimate for customized remediation and abatement services. Montgomery Sansome has been fighting mold invasions in the Bay Area for nearly half a century. Don’t be bold, let us get rid of your mold!

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