Mold Services in San Francisco, CA

Although San Francisco is one of the world finest cities, and is located on the beautiful, expansive coast of California its humidity causes significant mold and mildew problems. Cold and foggy winters follow warm and humid summers, and with these climate changes come not only drops in temperature and beach outings, but also come household mold infestations.

Mold is a dangerous fungus that can go unseen to families and business owners all over the bay area and beyond as well. It grows, spreads and quickly produces spores. Spores are tiny airborne toxins that can be inhaled by adults and children living in the infested place of residence. Due to this it is especially dangerous because it does not induce symptoms in the infected person until it has already spread in the system and done substantial damage.

Exposure to various different mold specimens can cause various health problems such as heart problems, bronchitis, even learning disabilities. It can be an even more severe threat to babies and young children living in the house or apartment. Mold can also affect places of business as well as apartment complexes and homes.

For the reasons above, and for our commitment to keeping our neighborhood safe, Montgomery Sansome has offered remediation and mold abatement in San Francisco since 1964! Len Nordeman, the head instructor and GP of Montgomery Sansome has been teaching the Mold Abetment Course that every employee is required to take. He truly enjoys taking part in keeping families safe, informed, and protected.  He ensures a complete understanding of the effects, causes, and weaknesses of mold by the entire staff.  Our professional specialists, high-end technology, and sincere concern for your safety come together and form the basis of Mongomery Sansome’s lasting success.

We have been helping families and businesses identify and eliminate mold that goes all too often unnoticed. We are here to help you and we are waiting for your call!

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