Mold Services in San Francisco County, CA

San Francisco County is a fantastic place to live, but mold can be quite a problem there. The average yearly temperatures never stray far from the 45-70 degree range, which, when combined with the humidity from the foggy mornings, provides a paradise for mold and mildew. Our company offers mold inspection and mold abatement services throughout the bay area and has for over four and a half decades.

Mold can go unnoticed for years and years, especially with all the different species- over a hundred thousand have been discovered, and new ones are found all the time. You may not even recognize that strange smell or mark behind the sink as mold- but our in-house trained and certified mold remediation technicians will. Our mold inspection, offered at the competitive price of $349, includes the collection of samples from your home for lab analysis to determine the species of mold present in your household and the concentration of each. It’s very important to know just what you’re up against, as different species poses different threats.

Any type of fungi can cause an allergic reaction, but many also produce poisonous mycotoxins. Mold spores are saturated with these toxins and are small enough to be inhaled without even noticing. Over a prolonged period of time- such as years spent living in an infested house- these toxins can build up in your system, posing severe health risks. Heart problems, asthma attacks, bronchitis- some types are even carcinogenic. Infants, young children and the elderly are particularly at risk for neurological disorders such as dementia and learning disabilities.

Mold spores can hide out in your home for years in dark corners and in between walls, waiting for the tiniest amount of water to seep in, then erupt into full-blown colonies in a short while. Our inspection includes a diagnosis of problem areas in your home- places where water leaks in and pools, places where dust gathers over the years and avoids the vacuum, and areas where poor ventilation creates the stuffy, stagnant atmosphere mold thrives in.

Montgomery Sansome has been offering mold remediation and mold abatement services in the bay area for 45 years and has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Let our experts show you why.

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