Mold Services in San Lorenzo, CA

San Lorenzo has over 7500 households, and they all become more vulnerable to mold infestations with every passing year. Our company has provided mold inspection and remediation services throughout the bay area for over 45 years, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau behind us.

Our inspection is competitively priced at $349 and starts with a walkthrough of your home to find problem areas related to dust, moisture and airflow. A number of factors influence mold growth besides the outside environment. Mold spores drift in on a daily basis and hide away in cracks and crevices, waiting for a source of moisture. Even daily vacuuming can’t get them all, and it only takes one to form a colony. Water usually enters a home unexpectedly and collects in out-of-sight places. From there it spreads, gathering spores as it goes, until it finds a space with poor ventilation. Low airflow allows water to stagnate, raising the humidity level and creating the stuffy atmosphere mold thrives in. Property damage can quickly climb into the thousands.

Worse than property damage is the effect toxic mold can have on your health. Many species of fungi produce poisonous mycotoxins, and soon poisonous dust fills the air in your home. Over a prolonged period of time- such as spending months or years living in an infested home- inhaling this toxic dust can cause a wide range of health problems, affecting everything from the heart and lungs to the eyes and brain. Some species are even carcinogenic. Our inspection will identify which species are present in your home and their concentrations by sending samples out for laboratory analysis.

The last step in our inspection, once the situation in your home has been fully assessed, is a free estimate for customized remediation and abatement services- not a stock procedure. Montgomery Sansome has been fighting mold invasions throughout the bay area for nearly half a century. Let us fight for you.

Montgomery Sansome Certifications

Better Business Bureau A+ Rated

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