Mold Services in Sausalito, CA

Sausalito is truly a beautiful place to live, with the bay and Golden Gate Park right there and a colorful residence of artists. Unfortunately, all coins have two sides, and the underside of Sausalito’s coin is covered in mold and mildew. Our company has offered mold inspection and remediation services throughout the bay area for over 45 years, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau behind us.

There are a few general reasons for mold growth: The regional climate, for starters, is ideal for it, with temperatures never straying far from the 40-80 degree range. Next are the spores themselves. These are essentially fungi seeds, only invisible and nearly weightless. They blow in from outside or cling to your clothes, then drop off and hide away under furniture and behind baseboards, waiting for moisture. Water can enter your home in any number of ways, from a leaky pipe to a bad storm to simple seepage. Even temporary water sources can jumpstart a colony. The water collects and forms shallows pools that trickle around the floor, picking up dirt and spores as it goes, seeking a space with poor ventilation. When the dirty water finds a place where it won’t dry up, it stands there, raising the humidity level and spreading mold spores and dirt. This is the perfect environment for mold.

Our inspection, priced to please at $349, will find these problem areas in your home and diagnose them. The inspection also includes lab testing of samples from your home so we can identify the species present and their concentrations. This is important not just for removal, but also for your health. Any species of fungi can cause an allergic reaction, but many also produce poisons known as mycotoxins. These toxins saturate the tissues and spores of the fungi, and when inhaled over a long period of time- such as years spent living in an infested home- can cause a wide range of health problems. Your heart, respiratory system, skin, eyes, and even your brain are all vulnerable to mycotoxins. Some are even carcinogenic.

Once your situation has been fully assessed, we’ll provide you with a free estimate for remediation and abatement services performed by fully trained and certified technicians and customized for your needs. Montgomery Sansome has been fighting mold invasions for nearly half a century. Let our experts care for your home like it was their own.

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