Mold Services in Sonoma County, CA

Sonoma is the largest county in the bay area, with such cities as Santa Rosa and Petaluma, and thriving vineyards. Areas with fresh produce are inviting spaces for mold and mildew, and the moderate temperatures ideal for grapes are also ideal for fungi. Our company has provided mold inspection and remediation services in the bay area for over four and a half decades, and with our Better Business Bureau rating of A+, it’s hard to think of a reason not to choose us.

Our inspection includes a detailed report on problem areas in your home- places where moisture enters and collects, tiny cracks where dust from the outside sneaks through, and nooks and crannies where mold likes to hide. A single mold spore can hide out for years in your home, waiting for the perfect conditions to start growing a colony. Once it starts, it can explode into a colony in a matter of days, destroying everything and anything it grows on, racking up hundreds if not thousands of dollars in property damage.

Worse than property damage is the threat mold poses to your health. Allergic reactions and infections can be caused by any type of mold, but many species produce poisonous mycotoxins as well. These toxins saturate the mold, including the spores, and when inhaled over a long period of time- during the years spent living in an infested house, for example- can cause serious health problems. Respiratory problems, heart problems, even neurlogical disorders can all be caused by exposure to mycotoxins. There are over a hundred thousand known species of fungi, with new ones being discovered all the time. You may not even realize it when you’re staring right at a fungal invasion. That’s why our inspection services also includes the collection of samples from your home for lab testing to determine the exact species and concentrations of mold present in your house.

Last but not least, once your problem has been fully assessed, we’ll provide you with a free customized estimate for remediation and mold abatement services. Montgomery Sansome has been fighting mold invsions for over 45 years. Let our experts care for your home like it’s their own.

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