Mold Services in Woodside, CA

Woodside is full of beautiful redwood forests and boasts an extremely comfortable climate year-round. Mold enjoys this environment as well. Our company offers mold inspection and remediation throughout the bay area and has for over 45 years. Our inspection is competitively priced at $349 and is performed by in-house trained and certified experts rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. It includes lab testing of field samples from your home and a free estimate for remediation and abatement services.

Mold and mildew love moisture. Water can creep into your home through invisible cracks or imperceptible leaks in pipes and appliances, and then it will run to the lowest point of your floor and form a pool. This pool spreads, picking up dirt, dust, and mold spores blown in from outside. One spore and a tiny amount of water is all it takes for a full-blown colony to erupt in the walls of your home, destroying everything it grows on, from wood to drywall to sheetrock. If not properly treated, fungi can cause tens of thousands of dollars in property damage. Our inspection will identify these problem areas.

Worse than property damage is the damage to your health. Mold can cause a wide and varied range of health problems depending on the species. Any species can cause allergic reactions and fungal infections, but many also produce poisons known as mycotoxins. These mycotoxins saturate the spores and, when inhaled, can be severely unhealthy. Heart problems, chronic asthma, bronchitis, even cancer. Young children and the edlerly are especially at risk for neurological disorders like dementia and learning disabilities. Our inspection includes lab testing of samples from your home to determine the species present and their concentrations.

Once your situation has been fully assessed, we’ll offer you a free estimate for remediation and abatement services customized to solve your specific problem. Montgomery Sansome has been protecting bay area families from mold invasions for nearly half a century. Let our experts care for your home like it was their own.

Montgomery Sansome Certifications

Better Business Bureau A+ Rated

California State Contractor’s License: 741713