Safety Tips to Keep Your Family and Home Protected During a Flood

Flooding is likely to occur in any part of the world. This type of natural disaster can come from snow melting in the winter to heavy rainfall in the summer. You cannot always avoid a flood, but you can plan ahead for it.

Important Tips
A good plan will include many steps. It is important to do more than just make sure that your basement is waterproof. The following tips can help homeowners or anyone else to be prepared for any type of flood that can occur.

  • Find out the flood plan in your community. Learn about warning signals, where the evacuation routes are, and where the emergency shelters will be located.
  •  Listen to radio broadcasts and television broadcasts from your local stations. This can be the best place to get up to date information.
  • Be ready to evacuate in a speedy manner. You may not have time to get what you need in an emergency so you want to have it prepared in advance. Make a kit full of these important emergency supplies.

Enough water for at least three days
Enough food for at least three days and a manual can-opener
Plates and cups along with utensils that are disposable
Prescription medicine and a first aid kit
A Radio that runs off batteries
Personal Items for your hygiene
Important items for your family or pets

  • Always travel to higher ground. If you discover water that is above your ankles, the Red Cross suggests that you go in a different direction. It only takes six inches of water to knock you down.
  •  Stay away from high water while driving. If you see a road that has flooded, you will want to find another direction to drive in. If you are stuck on a road that is becoming flooded quickly, be sure and race to higher ground by foot. It takes less than two feet of rushing water to move a vehicle. You also want to stay away from flood waters because of contamination risk and the chance of it being electrically charged.
  • .At night, you have to be extra careful. There is more danger because you may not be able to see flooded areas.
  • .It is also important to be careful while cleaning after a flood. Stay away from power lines that have fallen and watch out for snakes and other animals that can be living in the water. You will want to make sure that you disinfect any surface that became wet so that you do not have to worry about mold.
  •  Buy flood insurance. Many normal insurance policies for the home do not cover damage from floods. Look into the National Flood Insurance Program for information.

This is the best way to prepare for losses from a flood whether you are a homeowner or renter. Instead of worrying about getting a loan to repair your property, flood insurance will make sure that you are covered.

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