Water Damage Restoration in El Granada

We have been providing water damage restoration in El Granada for almost two decades now and for our great customer service and commitment to helping the people of the Bay Area restore their homes, the Better Business Bureau has granted us an A+ rating. We are a family business and we pride ourselves for the quality of the work and we provide. Every project that we get involved in is approached with the utmost regard to your home. We provide a comprehensive bundle of damage mitigation services to make sure that no more damage to your home is incurred. To calculate the price of the project we use Xactimate program. This software system is perfectly designed to accurately and fairly calculate the cost of the restoration services as well as the tools required for the project.

When dealing with water damage we always advise our clients to get a mold inspection, because the seemingly inactive mold spores that might have been in your home for years can quickly spring to life with the abundance of moisture in your home. Water is like a catalyst for mold, it brings it to life, and when that occurs mold begins to release a mycotoxin that causes skin rashes, diarrhea, shortness of breath, runny nose, itchiness in the eyes and throat and constant coughing and sneezing. If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, don’t freak out, it will not kill you. Although, it does temporarily weaken your immune system, and if exposed to for a long period of time it can develop into asthma, nervous system damage and even cancer. Give us a call today for a free consultation or just fill out this form for a free quote on your water damage restoration project.

Montgomery Sansome Certifications

Better Business Bureau A+ Rated

California State Contractor’s License: 741713