Water Damage Restoration in Hayward

We have been providing water damage restoration in Hayward and the Bay Area for over fourteen years, and for our ethical business practices and the quality of the restoration that we provide we have been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We are a family business that truly stands out in the home restoration industry because of the people that we work with. Our upbeat, energetic office environment keeps our staff and our clients happy and the quality of our work shows it. We have restored over twenty five thousand homes and we receive hundreds positive reviews every year. There is no project that we will turn down, doesn’t matter how large or small it might be. We are your Bay Area home restoration helping hand. Use it.

When we arrive at your home we provide a complete bundle of complementary damage mitigation services to insure that no more damage to your home is incurred. Water damaged homes attract mold like an injured deer attracts a hungry lion. You always have to make a note of that in the back of your mind and make sure that mildew did not have a chance to create a colony by the time we arrive. In most cases when dealing with water damage restoration we provide a mold inspection to make sure that there are no mycotoxins in the air of your home, which are released by growing mold. These toxins cause all kinds of terrible symptoms such as bad skin rashes, shortness of breath, runny nose, irritation in the eyes and throat, and chronic coughing and sneezing. And if exposed to them for long enough it can lead to asthma, nervous system damage and even cancer. So don’t wait for mildew to find it’s wait into your home, give us a call today or fill out this form for a free price quote on your water damage restoration project.

Montgomery Sansome Certifications

Better Business Bureau A+ Rated

California State Contractor’s License: 741713