Water Damage Restoration in Redwood City

We have been providing the folk of Redwood City with stellar water damage restoration services for almost two decades and for our great customer service the Better Business Bureau has rated us an A+ business. We are an ethical family business that prides itself for the quality of work that we provide. Hundreds of positive reviews from our customers show our commitment to home restoration in people of Redwood City. As soon as we get on a project we make sure to provide all the damage mitigation services to prevent any more damage to your home. Insurance agencies require these services to be provided to reduce their own monetary liability. We use Xactimate software program to calculate cost of the project at hand. This software is widely accepted by most insurance agencies as an accurate and fair way to find the scope of the loss.

One thing to watch out for when dealing with water damage is mildew infestation. Mold loves moist spaces, it thrives and expands very quickly when it finds the correct living conditions. Mold spores are almost always already in your home, just sitting and waiting for the right time to bloom. It just rests on the floor, little cracks in the walls and furniture like dust, completely inactive until moisture becomes abundant. Then it explodes into a mildew colony and within just a few weeks it can cover the entire surface of your walls, floor and ceiling. Mold is a whole different type of monster, it destroys all surfaces that it grows on and releases a toxin that causes skin rashes, constant coughing and sneezing, runny nose, and chronic itchiness in the eyes and throat. It makes your home completely unsanitary to live in and must be dealt with promptly, for long term exposure to these toxins may lead to asthma, nervous system damage and even cancer. Give us a call today or fill out this form for a free quote on your next water damage restoration project.

Montgomery Sansome Certifications

Better Business Bureau A+ Rated

California State Contractor’s License: 741713