Water Damage Restoration in San Antonio

We have been Providing water damage restoration in San Antonio and the Bay Area for over two decades with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. All of our professionals are fully trained and certified in water damage restoration, mold abatement, smoke damage, ordor removal and fire restoration services. We are family business that has a truly great atmosphere in our work place and it translates in the quality of the work that we provide. We are proud to be your helping hand, restoring homes is our niche, let us help you.

We use all damage mitigation techniques required by insurance companies to qualify for coverage, and as you might already know when dealing with water damaged homes there is always a high risk of mildew invasion. Mold is attracted to water like kids to candy. And when it finds a perfect moisture abundant place to makes its home it grows very quickly. Given an enough moisture within a few weeks a mold colony can cover the entire surface area of a home, weakening the infrastructure and releasing a mycotoxin into the breathing air inside that causes severe skin rashes, diarrhea, irritation in the eyes and throat and constant coughing and sneezing. And some mold strands, if exposed to them for long enough, can lead to really severe repercussions such as asthma, nervous system damage and even cancer. It is extremely important to report water damage right away and deal with it appropriately, the costs of the damage grow exponentially with time. If you believe you might have mold in your home, we provide an inspection service with comprehensive lab testing to narrow down the exact mold strand that you are dealing with which is competitvely priced at $299. Give us a call today for a free consultation or just fill out this form with a detailed description of your water damage, and we will send you a free price quote on your water damage restoration project.

Montgomery Sansome Certifications

Better Business Bureau A+ Rated

California State Contractor’s License: 741713