Water Damage Restoration in South San Francisco

We have been providing water damage restoration services in South San Francisco for over fourteen years, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can rest assured that we will get your job done right. Our awesome staff has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for six years in a row. We educate all of our professionals at the Montgomery Sansome Mold Institute, teaching them all the home restoration services in a bundle of water damage restoration, fire damage and smoke damage removal, and mildew abatement services. Whether you have a leaky pipe that is causing consistent water damage or the morning fog is causing your walls to rot, don’t worry we will remove any water damage and protect your walls with a layer of water repellent paint so that you don’t have to worry about this problem any longer.

Most water damaged homes, if not treated correctly right away, are at risk of mildew infestations. Most homes have at least a few mold spores just resting on furniture or floor, waiting for the right time to strike. And as soon as the perfect expansion conditions are reached it begins to divide and grow exponentially. Within a week time a sizable colony can be seen, the size of roughly a foot diameter. And within two weeks that one mold spot can spread across the entire wall space, floor and ceiling rotting and destroying the everything it touches, including anyone that might be living inside that home. Mold releases a mycotoxin that causes itchiness in the eyes and throat, skin rashes, runny nose, and chronic sneezing and coughing. If exposed to for long periods of time serious health complications may result such as asthma, nervous system damage and even cancer. Mold is not to be underestimated. If you believe you have mold growing in your home, give us a call right away and will send out a professional to do a mold inspection and take samples to point out the exact mold strand.

Montgomery Sansome Certifications

Better Business Bureau A+ Rated

California State Contractor’s License: 741713