Water Damage Restoration in Sunnyvale

We provide water damage restoration in Sunnyvale and the Bay Area. We are a family business and we love helping people restore their homes. It makes us feel good knowing that today we made a difference in our neighbors life, taking a disaster and turning it into a beautiful living space for people to enjoy for the rest of their life. The Better Business Bureau has rated us A+ for top notch quality work provided over fourteen years, for over ten thousand water damaged homes that we restored and for ten thousand happy customers.

Water damage is an exponentially growing problem. Once your home has been exposed to water damage it is rarely going to just fix itself by drying. The water is soaked up like a sponge by carpets, walls and floor of your home. Wood will absorb the water and begin to rot, weakening the heart and support of the home. The moisture is also like a warm welcome for mildew to come to your home, which is a whole different type of beast. Mold destroys everything that it grows on as well as poisons anyone that might breath in its toxic mycotoxins. Mildew releases mycotoxins into the air that cause shortness of breath, itchiness in the throat and eyes, sneezing and chronic coughing. Some mold strands cause asthma and may be even carcinogenic if exposed to for long periods of time. Don’t put your home, yourself or your family in danger of being exposed to mycotoxins, give us a call today for a free consultation or fill out this form for a free quote on your water damage restoration project.

Montgomery Sansome Certifications

Better Business Bureau A+ Rated

California State Contractor’s License: 741713