What Causes Mold?

Mold grows under certain conditions. It usually takes between 24 to 48 hours for mold to grow in the right environment. Mold cannot grow in freezing temperatures, nor can it grow under ultraviolet light. It usually grows on its food source such as wood, cotton, or wool. It also grows in darkness, in moisture, warmth, and with oxygen. Moisture is the main component to mold growth. Some causes of mold are humidity, leaking pipes, leaky roofs, poor ventilation, damp clothes, and condensation.

Humidity is a key factor in mold growth. Hot weather, especially with rain, is a prime way for mold to grow. Rainy conditions optimize the chances of mold growth. Poor-ventilated houses that trap in humidity for long periods of time can be a cause of mold growth. It is important to have your house well-ventilated to prevent the growth of mold. Open windows or use electric fans to circulate the air in a healthy way.

Leaking pipes also can be a cause of mold. Often times, a leak in a pipe goes undetected because the pipe is hidden underground or behind the walls. This usually results in mold growth over a period of time. When undetected, the mold could potentially cause damage to your house and your health. Experts have tools to detect leaking pipes within the walls of your home. It would be in your and your family’s best interest to have experts inspect your house for leaking pipes every so often.

Similar to leaking pipes, leaky roofs often go unnoticed until someone spots water damage on the ceiling. By that time, mold has probably already grown. It is important to have the mold treated, removed, and prevented from growing again in the future. Leaky roofs can also be a cause of mold, and so roofs should be inspected as much as pipes.

As mentioned earlier, poor ventilation could cause mold to grow. This goes hand in hand with humidity within the home. The most important rooms in the home that need to have proper ventilation are the bathroom and kitchen because they are places that have a lot of steam. Also as already mentioned, it is important for air to circulate well with open windows and fans.

Have you ever done your laundry, and forgot to take it out of the dryer or washing machine? When clothes stay wet for a long period of time, they often end up having a musty odor. That musty odor is from mildew. Damp clothes could also result in mold growth. It is important to stay on top of your laundry duties to ensure that your clothes are appropriately dried.

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