What is Black Mold?

If you’re a home or business owner managing a property and you’ve just learnt of black mold, then most likely you’re asking yourself the question, “What is black mold?” The scientific name for it is Stachybotrys Chartarum. And, it is one of the most severely toxic types of molds known to man. The toxins it produces (mycotoxins) gives it a kind of dark greenish and blackish look, which its name reflects. Its texture varies in appearance from slimy on top, when water and moisture are near, to powdery and dry looking when there is a lack of moisture or water in the area.

There are other types of similar looking molds. This is why it is vitally important that you consult with a professional trained in mold identification. Stachybotrys is nothing to take lightly, and understanding the effects it can have on adults, children and pets can really bring the safety concerns to life. What is Black Mold? It is dangerous! Here are some of the serious symptoms that can be experienced when exposed to Black Mold, or otherwise known aptly as ‘Toxic Black Mold’:

• Extreme nausea and tiredness
• Lack of concentration and mental impairment
• Pain from damaged internal organs
• Hemorrhaging
• Inflammation of the Skin and eyes
• Difficulty breathing
• Weakened immune system

This is just a short list of the symptoms that the mycotoxins from this type of mold can cause. As you can see, Toxic Black Mold lives up to its name.

What is Black Mold? How do you remove it?

Black Mold removal should be conducted by trained professionals. Otherwise, the health risks are too great when you disturb it. Once disturbed, the mold will release large amounts of its toxins into the air, negative physical symptoms will begin to be noticeable, such as coughing and eye irritation. If you believe or suspect that your home, workplace, garage or office building may have Toxic Black Mold, then you should let someone know about it. A professional mold removal service is qualified to safely remove any type of mold that may be found on your property or workplace, and they can accomplish this with minimal disturbance.

What is Black Mold? What Causes it and Where is it Found Growing?

It is found mostly in warm climates or in warm moist conditions. Black Mold is commonly found in many countries that have warm climates. Ideal areas where this type of mold can be found growing are many. Outside, it can be found growing on plant debris or on soil, while indoors it can grow on many different types of materials, especially those that contain cellulose and where moisture can be found. Basically, wet or damp areas of a home are a potential breeding ground for this infamous type of mold.

Other areas it can be found growing are under floors boards, carpets, linoleum and any other place where water is found lying for long periods of time. Areas around water leaks are places Black Mold can be found to grow, between walls, ceilings and areas of a roof where leaks occur. When you discover mold growing, and it fits the description of Black Mold, you should call a professional mold removal service to have it safely removed. If your suffering from any symptoms that were mentioned earlier, then you should consult a doctor immediately, and next time you hear someone ask the question, “What is Black Mold?” you can tell them “it’s dangerous!”

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