Fire Restoration Services for the Bay Area

Julie and Jim (& Ray), Millbrae, CA 94030

Dear Len,

I want to express how grateful Dad and I am with all the work that Montgomery Sansome did to repair his house after the recent fire.

Though Dad was safe, the devastation of the fire was overwhelming. How were we to put all the memories of 48 years back together? We took the recommendation of my sister-in-law’s mom, Barbara Bausino (Montgomery Sansome’s accountant). She has worked with you for many years and expressed a high opinion of your business practices and ethical standards.

That’s when you, Len, came into our lives. It was your genuine care and concern for us. that was so evident. You understood how devastating this was for our family. You helped us through the process that we sometimes found too difficult to think about. You always kept us updated on the project, letting us know how things were going, and what the next steps would be. You even came down to our house in San Jose (Dad’s temporary home), so as we could make decisions or meet with us at a tile shop etc. This daily contact, keeping us in the loop and on task again shows your genuine interest in the people you are working with.

The project included rebuilding a new kitchen, porch, new windows, returning the family room the way it was prior with the wood wainscot that needed to match the hallway and keeping the glass panel divider (other contractors wanted to get rid of to make things easier). But you understood how important this was for Dad. It was part of the memories.

The garage also had to be repaired adding a new furnace and restoring cabinetry and workbenches so important to Dad. When putting these cabinets in, you knew about Dad’s physical mobility difficulties and asked if we wanted to lower these cabinets to meet Dad’s needs. Again this showed us we had made the right decision to go with Montgomery Sansome, because you didn’t just take care of the house, you were truly thinking about the people who live in the house.

We never had to tell you to please be careful of anything, because you always thought about it before anything occurred. An example of this, was when you created a barricade around the backyard area to protect Dad’s plants all planted by him 48 years ago.

You are always the professional with ethics, Len. You always were on top of the project and treated it as if it was your own home. If it did not meet your standard you had it redone.

We have recommended you to other family members, and of course, they are as delighted as we are with your work.

I guess that’s why even now, months later, whenever we have a concern or need something to be done, we call or email Len, our “personal contractor” and we feel a friend.

Thanks for good reconstruction memories! On behalf of our family we thank you for the fine job you have done for us.

We recommend you, Len to anyone interested in any type of reconstruction, because you will do a first rate job.

Thanks again, Len.


Julie and Jim

The Ahwahnee Chapel had a project worth more than $600,000, this is what they have to say:

I want to recommend to you the excellent services of Len Nordeman of Montgomery Sansome Construction Company. Mr. Nordeman is a man of impeccable character and integrity.
With expertise in the building trades, as well as very creative ideas that are a proven blessing, his forty years of experience have been a God-send to us.

Our project… in excess of $600,000. Included total roof removal and design with new trusses spanning 2600 plus feet, total new flooring design and structure, complete ADA restrooms and other peripheral work.
How many times have I heard the Board of Trustees say: “The Lord sure directed us to this builder.”

Our sanctuary, build in 1947 required extensive code up-grades, elaborate electrical and HVAC systems, and Len provided beautiful design work with gorgeous interior aesthetics. To God be the glory… and thanks to Len Nordeman.
From our initial meeting and start, I must tell you that in 45 years of pastoring and three church building, and church-school building projects, I have never worked with a more knowledgeable, understanding, work-with-you person.
Len have been available to us almost at the drop of a hat. Ahwahnee Chapel is pleased. Needless to say, I respect this man because he keeps his word and even goes the second mile.

Dave Stinson- Pastor Ahwahnee Chapel. Ahwahnee, CA.


To whom it may concern,

It’s amazing just how far Montgomery Sansome will go to please its customers. I have never been happier to know a construction company like yours. Len is a dedicated general manager and very reliable. I’m one of those customers who are lucky enough to come across Montgomery Sansome. I just wish that I had known your company twenty years ago when I bought my first house. Montgomery Sansome would have saved a lot of heartaches of going through many of non-showing-up, pay-me-before-the-job-is-done, or leaving-a-mess-behind contractors.

Keep up the great work. I wish I had more properties so that I can keep on hiring you.

Sincerely, Sumako Tobori


We had remodeled the stairs at the First Baptist Church in San Francisco, this is what the Minister had to say about our services:

Dear Len,

I wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased both with your professionalism as well as your commitment to excellence.

We appreciated your crew’s understanding of our need to keep the stairs accessible through the construction time. Your work off site certainly helped in making this a seamless, stress-less endeavor.

I also appreciated your oversight in the matter. I know that the stairs will not only work out wonderfully, I am confident that we will not experience any problems with them.

I also know that those in our congregation are very impressed both by the speed of which you were able to get the job done as well as the beauty of our new stairs.

It is without any hesitation that I would recommend you and your work crew to any organization taht is looking for professional construction.


Gordon Wohlers
First Baptist Church
Minister of Outreach and Community Service
San Francisco, Ca.



The Bethel AME Church in San Francisco, CA, suffered Storm damage after some heavy winds; this is what they had to say about our professionalism:

Thank you for your kind donation of the many tables and chairs. Our church members will get plenty of good use from this needed furniture.

Regarding the work for your company performed for us.
We were very concerned after a major storm when an enormous amount of the sheet metal siding blew off, exposing the interior of our church to the elements. Your crews did a great job of temporarily repairing the wall, preventing further damage and the finished work looks like nothing even happened- but newer looking.
The work was done quickly and your crew was careful not to disturb our meetings during the repair.
Your forty years experience really shows.
We highly recommend Montgomery Sansome to anyone interested in repairs to their property.

Thanks again,
Sharron Jacobs.
Bethel AME Church
San Franciso, Ca.


The 3rd Baptist Church in SF, CA had suffered water damage. Montgomery Sansone was there to help:

I thought I would drop you a line to tell you just how much we appreciated the fine work recently performed by Montgomery Sansome for our church. Your company did an excellent job — the bell tower and bathroom never looked better.

We particularly appreciated the concern and sensitivity your workmen took to make sure there was minimal disturbance to the use of our facility while the water damage was cleaned up and the repairs were being made. They completed the repair work in an orderly, timely fashion and took exceptional care to make sure our activities could continue as scheduled with minimal disturbance so that we could continue to minister to the needs of our congregation and the community.

Thanks for a job well done! It was a pleasure doing business with your company.

Sharon Haynes
Business Administrator
Third Baptist Church San Francisco, CA