Fire Damage Restoration

House FireFire damage restoration services provided by Montgomery Sansome include addressing the immediate needs of the occupants/owners including the insurance company required “mitigation of damage”. This means providing the emergency services necessary to reduce further damage which could result from excess water, smoke, or other exposures. Montgomery Sansome has highly trained people available to provide high quality emergency services.

Montgomery Sansome has available a full staff of highly trained fire damage restoration experts available within minutes to provide the emergency services needed following any fire and or water damage loss- no matter how small or large.

Our fire damage restoration specialists have established themselves as industry leaders in fire damage removal. With specialized knowledge we are known throughout the Bay Area for our customer service and dependability. We offer fully detailed Xactimate billing for services provided. Xactimate is a software system used by most insurance companies throughout the country to establish the value of an insured loss.

Montgomery Sansome can bill your insurance company directly for the services provided. Our staff is trained to deal with the personal trauma experienced by most homeowners following a major loss, and they are also trained in taking special care of the clients’ precious belongings including papers, photographs, furnishings, as well as our complete pack out service.

Our emergency services are offered on a 24/7 basis, and our emergency dispatchers are only 15 seconds away from your phone call. Even our dispatchers are trained to listen with an attentive ear in order to dispatch crews with the appropriate equipment in order for us to properly address any emergency.

Most fires start very small, but with the right conditions can spread rapidly. If you discover a fire and it’s still small enough to put out with available extinguishers then do so with a great deal of caution. Never ever underestimate the speed with which a fire can spread. If you are not absolutely certain you can extinguish with the available extinguishers — Let the fire department do it.

Toxic chemicals may be produced as a result of some materials as they burn, releasing toxic compounds which can be fatal. These toxic chemicals then settle on surfaces which require specialized cleaning techniques.

Let the Montgomery Sansome experts remove the smoke soot from your electronics and machinery and other valuable property, as well as neutralize noxious odors and restore your property back to its original condition, and sometimes even better.

You will be glad you called Montgomery Sansome

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