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It is a swell Monday afternoon, the stock market is looking good and the weather is phenomenal. Believe it or not no traffic on the way to Burlingame today, it was a pleasant surprise. Although humidity levels are down today and the risk of wild fires are up. If you see a fire don’t be ignorant, take care of your community and report it asap. If you were the unfortunate person who suffers from such an ordeal, there are ways to restore your home without reconstructing it completely. SF Mold Remediation has been restoring homes from fire damage for over fourteen years with over forty years of experience in home restoration services. Our fully trained professionals truly understand what you are going through and will help you save your house both from fire damage and the odors that will remind you of what happened. We will make your home look and smell like it did before this incident. Give us a call for a free, quote you will be glad you did.

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